25 July 2014

Office Web Apps Server Error


After following the basic install procedure I attempt to look at the Office Web Apps Farm configuration with the PS command Get-OfficeWebAppsFarm.
The following error is thrown..

Although many blogs explain that this issue is related to installing on a different drive than C, or that its specific to Windows Server 2008 or 2012


I found that (IMHO) the issues was unrelated to installation path or server version. Instead it appears to be an issue with the ASP.NET installation\registration with IIS.

This can be reinstalled\registered with the following command

C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework64\v4.0.30319\aspnet_regiis.exe -ir

-ir - Installs ASP.NET and registers with IIS

Re-running Get-OfficeWebAppsFarm now works as expected

15 July 2014

Cant set port on IP/PSTN Gateway

There are some really good resources available on how to setup SIP trunking between Lync and Microsoft Certified gateways (such as Sonus and Audio codes).
One of my favorite resources is from Iain Smith at NorthernLync found here


Unable to set the port to 5061 when adding a PSTN gateway in Lync Topology builder.

Notice how finish is grayed out and we have an error next to the port.


The reason we have this is because by default the mediation servers are set to use TLS and thus listening on port 5067 and TCP isn't enabled. You can check this by expanding the Lync Server 2013 -> Standard Edition\Enterprise Edition. Right click on the Front End where the Mediaiation service is co-located and select Edit Propoerties

Scroll down to the Mediation Server details to see the Mediation Server configuration


Simply enable TCP by checking the check box and set the port range

Returning to the PSTN Gateway folder in Topology builder and selecting New IP/PSTN Gateway you will notice that you are now able to add the gateway as TCP using port 5060

Lync Management Shell not connecting


I came across an interesting issue yesterday..opening the Lync Management Shell I was presented with a blank shell window (nothing unusual there, just wait a few seconds, right?). However it just stayed right there, no connecting.

The environment is really a 4 site deployment with a total of 4 2013 front ends all running on Windows 2012 R2.

What was really interesting was that there was no errors, nothing...

I fired up power shell and tried importing the Lync module just in case my Lync Server Management Shell shortcut had somehow been corrupted and that worked fine.

So off to have a look at the shortcut I noticed that the decided to fire up the target manually in an attempt to isolate the culprit

Looking a little closer at the target I discovered that the closing quote was missing. Now how did that happen? 

Interestingly this issue happened on 2 of the 4 front ends within the same deployment. I have done many of these and not seen this before so am not sure what the underlying cause is. Perhaps a bug :-)


Simply edit the target and add the missing close quote as seen below.

Ripleys- Believe it, or not
I went back to the Front End where the Lync Management Shell was working..to my disbelief its target is missing the closing quote BUT it works anyway. Adding the closing quote to the working target made no difference. Unbelievable.
Go figure..

Of course you can simply fire up Power Shell and then import-module Lync